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Friday, July 3, 2015


Hi there, Mate. So, this is my first real post in here while other 22 posts before are just dummies. hohoho. Here I present to you a music video from Bollywood world. Actually, I'm not a Bollywood big fan, but not its hater either. I just simply a fan of every masterpiece. So, this song counted as another masterpiece in my PoV.

I firstly knew this song from one of my closest mates. She played it on Youtube again and again in the room until I can't ignore the beauty of its melody although I don't understand any word in it. She then asked me if I could find its lyric and translation on the web. Me, as a new lover to this song, do that homework. LOL. And I succeeded. Another LOL. And I re-uploaded it in English, Indonesian, and Sanskrit subtitle. Super-LOL!

Here we go... "Duaa" is original soundtrack of Shanghai (2012), a political thriller, follows the journey of these unlikely heroes as they come together to find justice in the labyrinth of Indian democracy. Don't ask me about the movie, I don't watch that movie yet as you do. LOL.

To whom should I ask
why is it like this
that this world is kind of speechless

Moments of happiness
Where should I find
Time isn't giving any sign
I don't know how many times I have counted
the differences from life

Why have dreams made a permanent place in my eyes
That fate crumbles in your hand

The prayer which was sent
has come back from sky
by crashing as such
that it has returned forever

Where did the ways part with breathing?
I couldn't see any path
Where did the heartbeat left the heart?
Where did the shadow left this body?

This is what I think about all the time
in this loneliness

Walking alongside me

Hm,... quite sad huh?! Ah, it's okay. Saddy is not baddy. Being sad is normal; as normal as being happy. Being sad or being happy are the right of our body. Your body has the right to cry as it has the right to laugh. Rite?

Just keep it responsibly. Do not exaggerate. God doesn't like someone who exaggerate on things. Don't get drawn in your "cry a river"; don't get fooled by your happy time ↢[May God let me do this to myself too. Aameen]. Just keep fly the birds of prayer no matter how sad or happy you are. Keep intact with God in any circumstances because anything could happened by His Permission. Nothing in this world can help you free from your dark sadness or your blind happiness, but God: The One who sent it to you. Deal? Cool!

May God Forgives our faults. May God Protects us from ourselves. Aameen.

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